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[ Ref. 12259 ]

Correct tyre pressures minimise tyre wear, aid fuel consumption, and benefit roadholding and handling.
Compact design with easy built-in cable / hose storage.
Easy to store and use.
Plugs into standard car 12v auxiliary socket


12v Tyre Inflator With Built-In Digital Pressure Gauge.
Large readout LCD digital pressure gauge display, accurate to +/-1 (up to 50 psi). Displays reading in PSI, BAR and kPa.
50 cm high pressure air hose with screw-on valve connector and deflation feature
Pressure format set button.
3.0m (approx) power cord with fused 12v power plug.
Inflates a standard tyre in under 5 minutes (based on 175 x R13 tyre size)
Also suitable for inflating balls, toys, and other inflatable items

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